Wasp, Hornet & Bee Control Tiverton & Throughout Devon

If you can hear a buzzing sound coming from your loft or you are being systematically invaded by wasps, hornets or bees, call us now for effective wasp, hornet and bee control. We can remove nests and exterminate wasps and hornets at competitive prices. For bees, we relocate them as we love these wonderful creatures and the essential role they play for the good of the environment. To book a technician, get in touch today.

Wasp Control

Are wasps causing you a headache, invading your property and generally being a nuisance that you could do without? If so, get in touch for professional wasp removal services. We use a range of wasp control methods including insecticides and nest removal services to free you from their annoyance! Furthermore, we can provide expert advice and provide clever control methods to lure them away from your home or business such as wasp domes.

Wasp Nest Removal

Our wasp nest removal service is quick and efficient and we offer this service throughout Tiverton and across Devon. Whether they are nesting in your loft, under the gutters, in an outhouse, tree or anywhere else, our fully equipped technicians kitted out with heavy-duty PPE can reach and remove the nest safely, leaving you wasp and worry-free!

Hornet Control

Hornets are like the big scary looking brother of the wasp! These large flying and stinging insects are frightful and their sting can cause severe reactions. For us, removing hornet nests and exterminating these terrifying bugs is a breeze, so call us now if you have a hornet infestation.

How to Tell if You Have A Hornet or Wasp Infestation

In most cases, you will be well aware of an invasion by these annoying little stingers. Some of the tell-tale signs of a wasp or hornet infestation include:

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