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If you have an invasion of pests in your home or business property, then we are the people to call! With over 15 years of experience dealing with all manner of vermin, insects, and more, we are fully capable of dealing with even the toughest of invasions. Whether you are dealing with rats, mice, moles, squirrels, wasp nests, or rural wildlife and birds, we will be able to humanely remove these unwanted visitors. Don’t allow these intruders to spiral out of control, get in touch with our expert team today!

About Our Company

We are a long-standing company, specialising in a huge variety of pest control services. As we are members of industry-leading associations such as Basis Prompt, NPTA, Think Wildlife, and more, we are more than equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to solve your problem quickly and effectively. Not only do we offer pest control for your home, but we also offer professional services for commercial properties. We can provide preventive measures as well as deal with any issues you may have in a discreet and prompt way. No matter your issue, get in touch.

The Services We Provide:


We have many different ways of controlling nuisance wasps. If you have discovered a nest on your property, Green Valley Pest Control can come out and safely remove it for you. We also use insecticides and modern pest control technology to keep wasps at bay. Once the problem has been dealt with, we can provide you with preventative measures to ensure that the infestation won’t return. 

There are many ways to spot a wasp infestation on your property. If you’re seeing swarms of wasps or even a nest, you’ll definitely want to call us for wasp control in Okehampton. Take a look at our guide to summer wasp control in Devon for more information. 

Yes! Green Valley Pest Control cater to a wide variety of customers, including businesses. For fuss-free wasp control, we can provide you with a special wasp dome. This is a clever control method that keeps wasps at bay, so you won’t need to worry about them affecting your business. In addition to this, our team are always on call to carry out nest removals and extermination services in Okehampton. Contact us today to find out more about our wasp control services for businesses in Okehampton. 

How You Can Get In Touch

You can contact our expert team in a variety of ways. Either give us a call, send us an email or use the contact form on our contact page.

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