Molecatcher Tiverton & Throughout Devon

Need a molecatcher in Tiverton or anywhere else in Devon? Then call us now for professional mole trapping services. Moles can cause a mess in your garden or grounds by tunnelling under the ground, eating bulbs and leaving behind unsightly molehills. They can even cause structural damage to your building’s foundations and pose a risk to livestock. So, if you need a molecatcher, call today for a cost-effective service!

Mole Control

Moles have a habit of hanging around, so if you have noticed damage caused by moles, don’t just assume it will go away on its own. Instead, call us for specialist mole catching services. These annoying little critters create large tunnelling systems and can tunnel up to 4 metres per hour. As a result, they can easily make themselves at home in your garden in no time at all! Did you know that one mole can build up to six molehills in just 24 hours?

In addition, they can also pose a serious issue for livestock. This is because their tunnelling can cause the listeria bacteria that live beneath the ground to come to the surface which can make its way into animal feeds, hay and haylage causing disease in cows, horses and other farm animals.

Trapping Moles

Trapping moles can be tricky, therefore it is always a job that is best left to professionals, like us. We use a variety of approved traps depending on the situation.  

No Mole No Fee!

Unlike many other pest control companies, we only charge if we catch the mole. We use a range of humane control methods to successfully trap and exterminate moles. Our services are available to both domestic and commercial clients, so whether you have moles in your garden, sports field, farmland or grounds, call us for professional mole catching services that you can rely on.

Call Us For a Molecatcher in Tiverton

If you need moles removing from your land, then call now to book a professional mole catcher. We cover the whole of Devon and use unmarked vehicles for a discreet service.

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