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Squirrels might look all cute and fuzzy but in reality, they are a nuisance when they invade your property or woodland. They can wreak havoc and ruin property, strip bark and spread disease, fleas and parasites. They can also pose a fire risk due to the chewing of electrical wiring. Quick and agile, they can be difficult to catch without the help of a professional pest control team. We offer expert squirrel control throughout Tiverton and Devon at competitive prices. So, if you are searching for squirrel trappers, get in touch today.

Squirrel Removal

We provide a range of expert pest control measures to trap and eliminate nuisance squirrels from your property, land, woodland or forest. If you have noticed squirrels nesting in your loft, running between the walls or destroying your property or trees, then call us to book a squirrel control technician. We use a range of successful techniques to remove squirrels. Our methods include trapping, drey poking, poisons and shooting.

Grey squirrels are not an indigenous species, therefore, it is illegal to release these animals back into the wild.

How to Tell if You Have a Squirrel Problem

Your squirrel problem will increase over time and at first, you may not notice you have an issue. Common indicators of a squirrel invasion include:

Repelling Squirrels

The prevention of an invasion is much more cost-effective than rectifying the damage once squirrels have infested your property. We provide professional squirrel deterrents that will minimise the risk of squirrels making a home in your space. Our methods include advice on sealing your property to prevent access points, cutting back trees that overhang your property and removing plants that allow easy access up into the roof space such as ivy and climbing foliage. For forests and woodlands, we can arrange regular control visits which include shooting and drey poking to control these troublesome visitors.

Contact Green Valley Pest Control Limited

If you need assistance to get a squirrel invasion under control then call us now to book a visit from one of our experienced squirrel trappers.

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