Insect Control Tiverton & Throughout Devon

Are you suffering from an invasion of the creepy-crawly variety? If so, call us now for expert insect control in Tiverton and throughout Devon that get results. We understand how upsetting an insect invasion can be. As a result, we provide professional control measures to eliminate these horrible little bugs from your home or business. Our team have the expertise to tackle all kinds of insect infestations including all the usual suspects such as cockroaches, ants, moths, bedbugs, fleas and more. So, call now for expert insect control services that will relieve you from your nightmare!

Insect Removal

Insects are not only unpleasant to look at but they can also cause a significant amount of damage and pose a health risk. Bugs can damage timbers, destroy fabrics, sting, bite and spread disease throughout your home or business.

Once they have established a home on your premises, they can be tricky to get rid of by yourself. Over the counter treatments rarely work as well as they claim and managing recurrent invasions can be difficult without the help of a professional.

That’s where we come in! We offer reliable and successful insect control measures that will exterminate bugs and we can also advise on how to prevent future invasions. Our control methods include a combination of insecticidal sprays and powers. Furthermore, our team can also supply all types of electric fly killers and fly screens. We can eliminate every kind of bug including:

Electric Fly Killers

We supply and service a wide range of electric fly killers suitable for both homes and businesses at competitive prices. Our team can advise on the best electric fly killer to suit both your needs and budget.

Keeping flies under control is a must if you have a business that manufactures, prepares or serves food. Flies are not only annoying to the customer but can also spread a whole host of diseases.

Fly Screens

Flyscreens are perfect for preventing flies from entering your property. We supply all types of fly screens for both doors and windows to keep your building free from these annoying little flying bugs.

Domestic & Commercial Bug Removal

Need to get rid of bugs fast? Call now for a free quote. We offer competitive rates and will arrive in unmarked vans for a discreet service. Furthermore we offer our bug removal services to domestic & commercial clients, so whether you have a hotel that’s been infested or a home – we can help!

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