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A Guide To Wasp Control

Are you looking for wasp control? Having these insects in your home can be a nuisance. At Green Valley Pest Control, we can help with this problem. Find out more about our insect removals below. 

As there are a few black and yellow striped insects, it’s important to know whether you’re dealing with bees or wasps as they can look quite similar. Fortunately, there are distinct features that can easily differentiate these two. If the new residents on your property are in fact bees, we can help relocate them as they play an essential role in many ecosystems. If you need wasp control, ensure you call us to help get rid of them. Unlike bees, they can sting multiple times which isn’t very pleasant. In some cases, this may even cause anaphylaxis.

How To Know If You Need Wasp Control

These insects are usually thriving around June and July time. If they do get in your house, they might favour the roof, loft, or a wall cavity if they have access. You can check for nests around Springtime, as these will be small and simple to get rid of. If you find a nest, ensure you get in touch with us as we’re experts at safe and efficient removals. Look out for these tell-tale signs of an infestation.

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Frequent Visitors

If you keep getting wasps inside, even with windows and doors closed, then this could be a sign they’ve set up camp on your property. Though these unwanted visitors tend to find their way inside sometimes, consistent sightings might be an indication that more are nearby.

Buzzing Sounds

A swarm can cause quite the racket. If you can hear buzzing, this could be a sign these insects are close and you may need wasp control. Keep an ear out for the buzzing if you fear you may have a nest, and this may confirm it. If they are somewhere that poses a risk to your safety, it’s important to get this sorted out.

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Wasp Control: Signs They're On Your Property

If you can see these insects lurking around a particular area of your property, then this could mean that there’s a nest. Look to see where they are interested in, and if they are leaving and entering in one spot. This is likely to be the centre of the problem, so get in touch with Green Valley Pest Control so we can take care of this for you.

Prevention Tips

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To stop these angry visitors coming near your property, there are a few things you could do to prevent getting wasp control. It’s important to ensure all food is covered up and any spill should be cleaned up immediately. This also means keeping bins closed so there’s no leftover foot attracting them to the property.

It’s important to be mindful of having windows and doors open. You may want to invest in covers that let the air in but keep these unwanted visitors out.

If you’re lucky enough to have any fruit trees on your property, it’s a good idea to harvest them at the correct time and not let them fall on the floor to rot. Wasps love a sweet snack so will be sure to pop by.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Wasp Control

If you need help getting rid of these home invaders, don’t hesitate to call us. We use the correct equipment and safety precautions to ensure the problem is taken care of efficiently, and with minimised disruption.

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