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Signs You Need Bird Control in Devon | Summer Bird Control

Bird infestations can be a major problem. Not only are they a nuisance, they also pose a health and safety issue. Bird control is important because they carry a lot of diseases which can be spread to humans.

Birds are difficult to control by nature. They can fly in unexpectedly and quickly cause problems. Professional deterrents are the best way to resolve bird infestations.

Why is Bird Control Important?

In addition to the diseases they carry, birds also cause other problems. They can build nests in awkward places, posing a potential fire risk and causing damage to property. Their poo is slightly acidic, which can also cause property damage.

Birds additionally cause major problems around food, sometimes snatching meals out of people’s hands. This aggressive behaviour can cause a lot of problems for food merchants and their customers.

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What Deterrents Are There For Bird Control?


Netting will stop birds from roosting on the property. When correctly installed, they’re difficult to see from a distance. This means they’re a great solution for those who don’t want to change the aesthetics of their building. Netting won’t harm birds, it just stops them from getting into the location it’s installed in.

Bird Free Gels

These gels are a smelly substance that birds dislike. They’re made to look like fire to a bird, which is an additional deterrent. There’s no risk of the gel actually causing a fire, it simply has UV properties (much like tonic water) that birds interpret as fire. Bird free gels can be used in many different places, so they’re a great all-round solution.

Bird Spikes

These spikes are great for bird control for pigeons and larger birds. Unfortunately, bird spikes aren’t as effective at deterring smaller birds, so they won’t always be the best defence. Bird spikes aren’t designed to injure birds, they simply make it difficult for them to roost.

Post and Wire

For buildings with ledges that birds are nesting on, these are the perfect humane solution. High perches are attractive to nuisance birds because they give them a great view for food spotting. If they’re roosting on your balcony they can make a disgusting mess, cause a lot of damage and make excessive noise. The wires on these systems provide a barrier against birds nesting, so they’ll fly away and roost elsewhere.

Laser Control

One of the latest technologies in bird control, bird lasers work by using a high powered laser beam. This doesn’t hurt the birds, it simply causes their flight response to kick in. They’re very effective at repelling birds when they try to roost at dusk, but also work during the day. These need to be set up by professionals to ensure that the laser operates safely. There also needs to be considerations if setting up near an airport, as the beams must not interfere with aircrafts.

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Do You Need Bird Control in Devon? Call Green Valley Pest Control Now

We can give you tailored advice to find the perfect bird control solution for your premises. Whether birds are infesting your home or your commercial business, Green Valley can provide you with professional deterrents.

We operate in a humane and effective way, so you can rest assured that the problem is being dealt with kindly. Our pest technicians will install the best bird control measure for your property, so you can relax and enjoy yourself without birds causing a nuisance.

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