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How To Keep Rats & Mice Out During Winter

The winter months are a tough time for households when it comes to rats and mice. After a long summer of foraging for food outside, rats and mice will be looking for a place to wait out the cold. Preferably, one that is warm, sheltered, and has a ready supply of food and water.

Your home would do nicely.

If you’d rather not have tiny tenants staying in your home, then read on for our guide on how to keep rats and mice out of your home this winter.

Remove Any Sources Of Food Or Water For Rats And Mice

Make sure that they do not have access to any potential food sources in your home or garden. This includes fallen fruit, nuts and seeds, and crumbs of food on the floor. Keep your compost bin tightly closed, and don’t leave any open sources of water available. Remember, even if a rodent can get into your home, it probably won’t want to if there isn’t any food or water to be found.

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Bird Feeders/Tables

If you’ve been pulling in the birds with feeders and bird baths, make sure that these cannot be accessed by rats and mice. A steady source of food is the exact kind of incentive a rat needs to make your house a home.

Protect Your Pet’s Food

If it’s good enough for your pet, it’s good enough for a rat. If you are a pet owner, make sure that their food is protected. Keep the bags in cupboards or otherwise sealed spaces. If your pet has the height for it, raise their bowls to make it difficult for rodents to reach.

Leaks, Dripping Garden Taps, Water Butts

Like us, mice and rats need water to live and they are very good at finding it. They can find this water almost anywhere, from a leaking pipe to a seeping garden tap. Make sure that your home doesn’t have any sources of water that a rat or mouse could use.

Stop Rats And Mice From Getting Inside

‘Don’t roll out the red carpet for them’ seems like obvious advice. However, there are many ways that a rat or mouse can make their way inside your house:

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Doors And Windows

Be careful of open doors and windows, especially during autumn. Even if you think it’s still warm, know that mice and rats have an acute sense of the seasons. Many of them will already have their winter home locked down before the temperature drops. Make sure it’s not yours.

The Roof And Walls

Most of the time though, rats and mice won’t find their way into your home through the front door. They’ll make their way through gaps and cavities in your home. Whether this is a gap in your roofing or a crack in the wall, rodents will find a way through. Keeps your home in good repair, not just for its own sake, but for yours.


Otherwise known as ‘a big hole in your roof’.

Central heating has largely replaced fireplaces in the UK, but many homes still have their old unused chimneys. For rats and mice, these chimneys are free real estate and a prime entry point to your home.

If you have an inactive chimney, consider having it properly treated to ward off vermin.

What If Rats And Mice Are Already Inside Your Home?

If the worst occurs and you fear that rats and mice have infiltrated your house, it’s time to contact an exterminator. An exterminator will treat your house properly, ridding it of pests.

It is critical that you do this as soon as you think that your house is infested. Rats and mice often chew through walls and wiring, significantly compromising the structural integrity of your house over time. More significantly, rats and mice pose a significant health danger. Not only does their presence put you at risk of Leptospirosis, but they are also a well-known disease carrier. Remember, anything a rat could have picked up on its way to your house might infect you.

Rat scavenging left over crumbs of food

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